DISC Akai Max49 Advanced USB/MIDI/CV Keyboard Controller

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  • Voted Best Controller Keyboard at MIPA 2013

DISC Akai Max49 Advanced USB/MIDI/CV Keyboard Controller


MAX49 from Akai Professional places revolutionary MIDI and CV control at your fingertips. With an intuitive layout and included AkaiConnect automatic-mapping software, MAX49 offers an instant, fully immersive experience with your favorite music software and virtually all VST plugins.

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The Akai Max49 places revolutionary MIDI and CV control in your hands. The intuitive layout makes this controller extremely user friendly. The included AkaiConnect automatically mapping software offers a fully immersive experience with your favourite music software and virtually all VST plugins. The Akai MAX49 has 49 semi weighted keys for a natural keyboard touch. It also boasts 12 real MPC pads, LED touch faders and vintage CV and Gate outputs.

Intuitive Interface

The Akai Max 49 has 49 semi-weighted keys with Aftertouch giving you that professional feel and perfect response. Large, central transport controls give you straightforward track navigation and rubberized pitch and modulation wheels are there for instant control and creative experimentation! The expanded arpeggiator includes a Latch button with eight different time divisions to create beautiful sweeping melodic cascades. A built in step sequencer allows you to get the music in your head laid down with perfect detail.

Touch Faders

The four banks of backlit LED touch faders allow you to assign up to 32 control parameters so you can fully customise your user experience. Use the touch faders just like analog faders by simply dragging your finger along their touch strips or perform instant leaps in any MIDI value.

MPC Pads

The Max49 also has four banks of 12 backlit MPC pads which gives a total of 48 assignable pads in all - perfect for live performances. The pads are velocity sensitive and come with classic MPC swing, Note Repeat, Full Level and navigation controls.

Hugely Versatile

The Akai Max49 can command any controller hardware or software from any era! USB MIDI, traditional 5-pin DIN MIDI and even Control Voltage and Gate outputs are onboard. Control anything from modern music software to analog modular synths from as far back as the 1960s. Mackie Control and HUI protocols are also built in to give you instant compatibility with many industry standard DAWs.


The Max49 comes with AkaiConnect automatic mapping software so you'll be up and running with your favourite DAW and VST's in seconds. The software has been designed to eliminate the guesswork in setting up controls. Instantly assign the Max49's pads, faders and buttons to your favourite music software plug-ins by simply clicking on the software element you want to control then touching the chosen knob, fader or pad.


  • 49 semi-weighted keys with aftertouch for complete musical expression
  • Built-in step sequencer for detailed track construction
  • Expanded arpeggiator with latch and time division controls
  • Included AkaiConnect software automatically maps to VST plug-ins
  • 12 backlit, real MPC pads with MPC Note Repeat and MPC swing
  • Eight backlit LED touch faders for gradual or instant parameter value changes
  • Four pad banks and four fader banks provide a total of 80 assignable pads & faders
  • CV & Gate outputs for use with vintage analog synths
  • Large, centrally-positioned transport controls and rubberised pitch and modulation wheels
  • Mackie Control & HUI modes provide instant compatibility with many DAWs

  • Number of Keys: 49 keys + 4 banks of 12 drum pads
  • Type of action: Semi-weighted Aftertouch (Channel)
  • Computer Interface: USB/MIDI
  • Displays: 4-row x 20-character LCD

  • Interfaces:
    • USB
    • MIDI Out
    • MIDI In
    • CV (1V/octave)
    • Gate (configurable)
  • Programmable Continuous Footpedals: 1
  • Programmable Footswitches: 2

  • Programmable Controllers:
    • 4 x 12 Pads
    • 4 x 8 Faders
    • 4 x 8 Assignable Buttons
    • Keybed
    • Pitch and Modulation Wheels
    • 2 x Footswitches
    • Expression Pedal
  • System Real-Time Controls: MMC, MIDI START/STOP, MIDI CC
  • Dimensions: (W x D x H): 29" x 12.5" x 3" [741mm x 322mm x 80mm]
  • Weight: 11.7lbs. (5.31kg)

  • System Requirements:
    • Macintosh: 1.25 GHz G4/G5 or faster (Intel Mac recommended), 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended), Mac OS X 10.4.11 (10.5 or later recommended)
    • Windows: 1.5 GHz Pentium 4 or Celeron compatible CPU or faster (multicore CPU recommended), 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended), Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP, Windows compatible sound card (ASIO driver support recommended), QuickTime recommended
    • USB Port


    • MAX49
    • Quickstart Guide
    • Power Supply
    • USB Cable
    • Vyzex & AkaiConnect Software CD
    • Ableton Live Lite Akai Edition Software DVD
    • Safety Instructions & Warranty Information Booklet

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